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World-Class state of art Soldering, Desoldering & SMD Rework Stations from Hakko Corporation, Japan. Environment...



  • Soldering Station

    Various temperature controlled models with compact saving designs and excellent thermal recovery for all soldering applications.

  • Desoldering Equipment

    De-soldering tools and stations for field as well as in house use. Unique designs with powerful de-soldering pumps.

  • Smoke Absorber

    Compact equipment having smaller foot print and powerful absorption using high flow rate that keeps your work environment pollution free.

  • Soldering Pots

    Select able heating programs for different solder alloys. Precise digital temperature control. Special coating for long life.

  • Soldering Iron

    Various models from 20W to 130W for different applications are available.

  • Rework Station

    Analog & Digital stations for rework and repair of SMDs & BGAs. Also available hot selling 4-port complete rework system.

  • Soldering Accessories

    Various tools and equipment that compliment soldering process and make your soldering precise and efficient.

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