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Optical Inspection Systems

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We represent some of finest companies in the world for offering state of art inspection system from Carton, Thailand...



  • Binocular Microscope

    A binocular microscope is simply a microscope that uses two eyepieces instead of the traditional one used in many other types of microscopes. A binocular microscope can also be a research microscope. This type of microscope is the most advanced most people will ever see, much less ever use.

  • Video Inspection System

    There are two Advanced Video Inspection System from our Principals SharpVue, USA that are used world-wide for a host of their user-friendly features. Built in 3-megapixel high resolution camera & 3-quadrant LED lighting system. The touch screen feature provides ease in annotation and measurement of job under supervision.

  • Trinocular Microscope

    A microscope produces an accurately enlarged image to allow the examiner to see things in a larger scale. It may or may not be capable of enough enlargements for the examiner to view cells.

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