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Test & Measurement Equipment

We offer high precision test & measurement equipment from our Principals to Electrical, Electronics & Telecom...



  • Electrical Test Equipment

    IDEAL from USA is a reputed brand known worldwide for it’s excellent quality & precision. All Ideal equipment like digital multi meter, clamp meters, power quality analyzers, insulator testers, circuit tracers, branch circuit testers, continuity tester etc. are well stocked by us, and are supported through highly qualified & trained engineers.

  • LCR Tweezer

    A pair of smart tweezers from Ideal-Tek, Switzerland is an ideal piece of tool-cum instrument that does the job of an LCR meter and component identifier.

  • Infrared Thermometer & Thermal Imager

    We offer Thermal Camera to improve the monitoring of the substations which results in increased Reliability & reduced cost. Infrared testing is used as a means to detect potential circuit overload or areas of unusually high electrical resistance, allowing Electricians to replace the circuit before failure, eliminating costly Downtime or further damage to the electrical system.