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Hakko 701

It is an all in one repair system that comes with both soldering and de soldering options. The ceramic heating element and temperature range of 380 to 480C in de-soldering mode makes it a perfect option in dual mode operations.

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  • The all-in-one system for soldering and desoldering.
  • ESD safe by design.
  • Compact design for minimum use of bench space.
Packing List
Model No. 701  
Power Consumption 150W  
Soldering Output Voltage AC 24V
Temperature Range 200-480°C
Desoldering Output Voltage AC 24V
Vacuum Generator Double Cylinder Type
Vacuum Pressure 80kPa (600mm Hg)
Motor Output 12W
Temperature Range 380-480°C
Suction Flow 15l/min.
190(W) x 130(H) x 250(D)mm
Weight (w/o cord)
Soldering Iron
Model No. 907-ESD
Power Consumption 50W (24V)
Standard Tip 900M-T-B (Shape-B)
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential < 2mV
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Total Length (w/o cord) 190mm
Weight (w/o cord) 44g
Desoldering Gun
Model No. 809
Standard Consumption 50W (24)
Standard Nozzle A1003 (Ø1.0mm S Type)
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Dimensions 135(W) x 174(H)mm
Weight (w/o cord) 200g