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Hakko 702 B

It is all in one system that comes with 4 ports soldering and de-soldering station. It comes with two soldering iron, de-soldering gun and hand piece for hot-air SMD rework. It has power consumption of 500W.

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  • 4 port Soldering / Desoldering Station.
  • Compact design for minimum use of bench space, incorporating : two soldering irons, desoldering gun, handpiece for hot-air SMD rework.
  • Replacement tip/nozzle are available from Hakko’s well-known series.
  • ESD safe by design.
Model No. 702B
Power Consumption 500W
Soldering Output Voltage AC 24V
Temperature Range 200-480°C
Desoldering Output Voltage AC 24V
Vaccum Generator Double Cylinder Type
Vaccum Pressure 80kPa (600mmHg)
Suction Flow 15l/min
Temperature Range 380-480°C
SMD Rework Input Voltage AC 100, 110, 220
Pump Diaphragm Pump
Capacity 23l/min (Max.)
Temperature Range 100-420°C (Use A1126B)
Dimensions 360(W) x 266(H) x 150 (D)mm
Weight (w/o cord) 10kg
Soldering Iron
Model No. 900S-ESD 907-ESD
Power Consumption 50W (24V)
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential < 2mV
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Standard Tip 900S-T-I (Shape-1) 900M-T-B (Shape-B)
Cord 1.2m
Total Length (w/o cord) 176mm 190mm
Weight (w/o cord) 25g 44g
Desoldering Gun    
Model No. 809
Power Consumption 50W (24V)
Nozzle to Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Nozzle to Ground Potential < 2mV
Standard Nozzle A1003 (Ø1.0mm S Type)
Dimensions 135(W) x 174(H)mm
Weight (w/o cord & hose) 200g
Handpiece for SMD Rework
Power Consumption 250W
Total Length (w/o cord) 196mm
weight (w/o hose) 120g