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PAI Sn/Pb Solder Bar

For the Electronic Industry

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Key Features:

  1. Manufactured from high purity LME registered Virgin Metals
  2. High purity cast alloy for high performance soldering
  3. Improved yields, especially on densely populated boards
  4. Improved flows, reduced oxide formation and more consistent results
  5. Brighter solder joint

Research Findings:

Our bar solders are manufactured for the highest purity virgin metals. Our research team has shown that many impurities present reduce the mobility and wetting force of the melting solder used per joint and reducing the strength of the adhesion. It has therefore been made clear that the cheapest solder per kg is not necessarily the most economical in terms of overall usage, productivity or reliability.

Manufacturing Control:

Our guaranteed reliability is ensured by our effective process control and stringent QC testing methods. All our bar solders are made with tested and traceable batches of alloys and our traceability system conforms to the demands of international norms. PAI standards ensure that our products have minimum of impurities as required by leading 
International standards.

“Developing the exact solder solution that meets our customers’ needs, without compromising their objective or the quality of their product, is an art as well as a science.” Persang J. Bavadam, President, Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd.